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Coin Mechanism Upgrade

The Royal Mint recently released a new £1 Coin. This change will require coin mechanism upgrades for many vending machines. We are providing a Coin Mechanism Upgrade for the new £1 coin. Find out more regarding the coin change and upgrade below.

To request a Coin Mechanism Upgrade please complete the form below, if you require further assistance please email us coinupgrade@uk.edensprings.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

£1 coin

Why has the £1 coin changed?

The new £1 coin has been introduced by the government to reduce counterfeiting.

What is the difference between the new and old coins?

The older coins where made from a copper and nickel alloy, the newer thicker coins are steel with a nickel plate.

Why do I have to pay to upgrade my machine coin acceptance?

Your machine is not faulty. It is the introduction of the new coinage by HM Treasury, post manufacture, which results in the coin system requiring upgrading.

How much is the upgrade cost?

Eden Kafevend are passing on the cost of the upgrade at £80.00 + VAT, where the coin mechanism can be upgraded. This covers the attendance of an engineer and the software upgrade.

Is VAT chargeable in the upgrade?

Yes, we are providing a service that is not exempt from VAT.

Should my machine take the new coinage?

If you have received a machine from Eden Kafevend since 1st Jan 2017 and it has the £1 Coin Sticker on it then your machine will already be upgraded to receive the new £1 coin. If the new coins are rejected Eden Kafevend will not charge you for any upgrade.

Why the delay in converting machines?

There has been a delay by the Royal Mint to get the substrate and design of the new £1 coin finalised. This impacted the ability of the coin mechanism companies to upgrade, configure and release the new software to us.

Will the machine still take the older existing coins after my upgrade?

Yes, we can modify most machines without having to disable any other coins.

I have a maintenance contract, does this cover my upgrade costs?

No. Only machines that were installed since 1st Jan 2017 are included without charge.

How is the upgrade carried out?

Eden Kafevend will dispatch one of our own fully trained technicians to modify your machine. The modification is usually a software update, in some cases the coin system may have to be changed.

I have been informed my machine is not suitable for the coin system upgrade, what are my available options?

Some older vending equipment is not upgradeable, or if it is, a major modification or replacement parts may be required. In these instances we may be able to quote you individually for the upgrade.

Alternatively you could upgrade your machine. Eden Kafevend can arrange a no obligation call to show you other equipment that may suit your needs.

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